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Professional Culture

Before you start hunting for your next job, it is best to know these helpful tips and cultures that could assist you in getting hired by one of Quebec City’s employers. The jobs market is now leaning towards home decor and interior design work. Many of the job seekers need to hope off the recliner and start finding interviews for these roles. Other job seekers have chosen to go into the kitchen, learning how to use excellent cookware to prepare meals. Easier jobs as kitchen hands mean that you are standing in front of the faucet all day cleaning dishes.

The Culture of Respect

Being respectful and open in the community here in Quebec is essential in all aspects of life, including work. There is a need for self-confidence when dealing with professionalism and the integration of informality and reduction of cumbersome processes in the world of work here in the city. It is best to know that French is the official business language here in Quebec, so better prepare everything in French.

Here are some helpful tips you may want to remember when working in Quebec City:

  • Gender equality is highly essential in the world of business.
  • Dress codes are varied according to the work environment your job connives.
  • Regular working hours in Quebec is from 8 AM to 5 PM, with a maximum of one hour for lunch and two break times with a maximum duration of 15 minutes for each work breaks.
  • Hierarchy in the business is flexible and not seemingly rigid and formal.
  • The use of formal terms and addresses (like the use of Mr., Ms. or Mrs., the use of “vous”, etc.) are often used simply to begin a conversation with an unknown colleague or any individual until one would propose to be called informally.
  • Meetings may be easy to prepare, but time management is essential and punctuality is really important.
  • Know that usual business meals are done during the middle of the day (lunchtimes).
  • Giving gifts to seek favours is not tolerated in Quebec and may cost you serious consequences.
  • It is best to enhance your networking skills and know that you should select the people you want to engage with and become strategic with meeting places.

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