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Degrees / Diplomas and Equivalency

Employers will initially evaluate your skills and knowledge based on the credentials you have presented to them, most especially with your diploma. It is highly recommended to mention your degree with the most equivalent Quebec degree. A list of degree equivalencies is provided below the page.

To process a degree equivalency, one must submit an ECD form. ECD stands for evaluation comparative des etudes or comparative education evaluation. This process does not provide an official degree equivalency evaluation but can help employers in matching your credentials to the qualifications they have posted for their job openings. Most employers do not request this form but, in certain cases, will still use this, especially when applying for a job position in a government office or corporation.

At some point, it is also required that your degree or training equivalency would also be recognized for cases like certain activities that could be overlooked by a distinct professional order. The Quebec Interprofessional Council is able to explain further about this process.

It is best that you start defining your degree/diploma equivalency now and check if your education equates to the ones provided in the city of Quebec.