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Who or Which Companies Are Hiring Foreign Workers?

The purpose of companies hiring foreign workers is to be able to meet the demand of the workforce needed to sustain the economy of the city, the province, and Canada as a whole.

However, this is not a full privilege nor an easy process to deal with. Companies based in the city are given authorizations to bring in foreign workers if, and only if, they could find a qualified Canadian, especially those from the city, to fill a specific job post with skills specialization or no such native has applied for the said job post. These companies are also monitored with their immigrant workers that it would not cause employment issues to natural Canadian citizens nor affect the Canadian labour market. This is also subject to the fulfilment of requirements and conditions that have to be met in a definite period of time.

Companies who have fulfilled and complied to the said requirements and immigration policies may have foreign employees assigned to any posts and have them or their family move to the city, provided they have secured a work permit to make them qualified to work in the city.

Statistics On Working in A Career That Would Secure a Work Permit in Quebec

Knowing the trade or profession that would secure you a work permit depends on how in-demand or favourable the outlook of the said trade or profession is. You can check the statistics of Employment Quebec to check if your trade or career meets the requirements and conditions to secure a work permit.

Having A Family to Migrate While Working in Quebec

This is one of the most common inquiries regarding the acquisition of a work permit in order to work in the province of Quebec. Foreign workers who have decided to move the entire family to Canada, especially to Quebec City, may have to secure several requirements in order to obtain benefits and privileges in working and living in the city.

An open work permit can be honoured to the spouse provided that the terms provided for the work permit should not exceed those of the spouse who was given the work permit to fill a job position for a company who has sponsored his work permits. All requirements, including the acquisition of a resident visa and other immigration requisites, must be submitted before entry into the country.

The children of foreign workers are allowed to study or continue their education in any school, college, and university in the province provided that their parents have complied to all requirements, most especially with their work permits. General procedures have been imposed before any child of a foreign worker can be enrolled in any scholastic institutions, whether they have arrived along with their parent(s) or later on.

Extending Your Stay in Quebec City

Should you wish to extend your stay in Quebec, you should be able to apply for an extension before your initial work permit expires. Various applications are applicable by clicking on the links below.

Renewing or extending a job offer

Application for permanent resident status

Extension for your temporary resident status