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Keeping Calm During Job Interviews: Can Vaping Help?

It goes without saying that job interviews are inherently stressful. The pressure to present yourself effectively, answer questions confidently, and make a lasting positive impression can be overwhelming. There have been various strategies and mechanisms that were adopted by individuals to manage this stress. Interestingly, vaping e-liquids has become a go-to resource for some to alleviate interview anxiety.

In this article, we’ll look at how vaping might play a role in helping some individuals stay calm and focused during job interviews so you can apply it on your next job interview.

Understanding Vaping and Its Calming Effects

The process of vaping involves inhaling aerosol, often referred to as vapor, through an e-cigarette or similar device. Here’s how it might contribute to calming nerves:

Nicotine and Neurochemical Effects

Many vape liquids contain nicotine which is a substance known to cross the blood-brain barrier and interact with neurotransmitters. It triggers the release of dopamine, often referred to as the “feel-good” hormone, which plays a part in mood regulation and the sensation of pleasure and calm.

However, responses to nicotine can vary greatly. Some individuals tend to experience relaxation while others potentially feel increased anxiety or agitation.

Behavioral Aspect

The behavioral ritual associated with vaping can itself be a calming routine. The act of stepping aside to take deep inhalations and exhalations mimics breathing exercises that are commonly recommended for stress reduction.

This physical ritual, when coupled with a mental break, can help to interrupt the cycle of escalating anxiety.

Distraction Through Oral Fixation

Psychologists note that some people have a need for oral fixation, especially during times of stress. Activities like eating, chewing gum, or vaping provide an outlet for this impulse and can divert attention away from anxiety-inducing thoughts, even if temporarily.

Strategically Using Vaping for Interview Preparation

If you’re among those who find vaping a useful tool for anxiety reduction, consider these strategies to use it effectively during interview preparation:

Timed Sessions

Allocate time for a vaping session before your interview. This will allow you space to step back from preparation. This pause can help consolidate your thoughts, enhance memory recall, and even reduce the sensation of mental clutter.

Measured Nicotine Intake

If you’re using nicotine, be conscious of the amount. While a small dose might help with calming, higher doses can increase heart rate and induce jitters, similar to the overconsumption of caffeine.

Knowing your limits is crucial.

Respecting Boundaries

Be mindful of the interview location and company policy. Many organizations and public spaces have strict rules about vaping on their premises.

Always adhere to these rules by using designated areas or managing your session timing to avoid any negative perception.


Vaping might offer a sense of calm and a way to reduce anxiety for some individuals, especially in high-tension scenarios like job interviews. If you choose to use vaping as a method for managing interview stress, ensure you have full compliance with legal statutes and organizational policies.

Moreover, you should learn to balance its use with other stress management techniques and coping mechanisms to enjoy a more holistic approach to handling interview anxiety. Remember, the goal of any job interview is to present the best version of yourself, and staying true to this principle is important.

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