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Do’s and Don’ts of CBD in the Workplace

Do's and Don'ts of CBD in the Workplace

Cannabidiol or CBD is an extract from the hemp plant or cannabis plant. It has a deficient level of THC – the causative agent for the ‘high’ one feels from taking the plant. Budpop’s hemp products are anti-anxiety medication, and now, it has found their way into the workplace.

CBD is typically used in an oil form but can be seen in capsules, edibles, or drinks. Some people may use it in spray form, under the tongue, or smoked. It is also used in cosmetics and supplements. CBD is not a euphoric drug, although it affects the brain. What it does is break down chemicals in the brain. Thereby reducing pain, controlling mood, and other mental processes.

A study done in 2017 found that 30% of CBD samples were contaminated. This implies that they had other active substances, such as THC. THC, as mentioned earlier, gives a “high.” This high can make flagged as positive in drug tests. It could also cause intoxication and impairments.

As an employer, it is best to create an enabling environment for your workers to talk about their CBD. Banning it outright might be bad for those who use it for medical conditions.


  • First and foremost, always buy your CBD from a trusted source. Never buy it from a place that you will not be able to trace back. This is to make sure the CBD is not cut with other substances.
  • Also, you should consult your doctor before embarking on CBD usage. CBD may be more acceptable now, but it is still a drug. And drugs have side effects and possible interactions with other medications.
  • When using CBD on work premises, make sure that your employers know. One should always have an open line of communication with their employers in situations like this. This communication provides “protection” for you in case something goes wrong. It would be best to know if you are going against company policy or not.
  • If you must use CBD, external use is preferable. This is because external use does not show in your system. As such, it will not flag as positive in a drug test and cause harm to your employment.


  • One should not buy CDD from an online platform. Most times, they are untraceable and may contain extra additives.
  • It is not advisable to use CBD internally in the workplace. This includes but is not limited to vape pens, ingesting, and using in your food. If you must do so, remember always to tell your employer.
  • Do not use CBD as an excuse for a drug test as that most times will not be tolerated. You should always inform your employers and abide by their rules.

What You Should Know

With this, it is evident that one should use CBD with caution in the workplace. Things to make sure you consult your physician before, research your state’s regulations and inform your employers no matter what.

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