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Cook Chef Assistant

Continental Restaurant

Salary : To be discussed

Work schedule : 35.0 h – Full time


*** We will accept CVs of applicants who are eligible to work in Canada only

Cut and wash the fruits and vegetables needed to prepare the entrees.

Prepare the vinaigrettes.
Lave and prepare the salads in sufficient quantities and as indicated.
Make some entries in advance.
Wrap the food with a film of plastic and puts them in the refrigerator waiting for the beginning of the hours of meal of evening.
Sort of the refrigerator the preparations of the food for the entries. Is in the listening of the sous-chef to know the orders taken of the entries in dining room .
Fits the food on the plates for the entrances in a respectable time.
Verse the grouts and other sauces on the appetizers during the meal according to the goodwill.
Coupe the fruits and the vegetables necessary for the decoration of the plates for the service in the dining room.
Decorate the plates at thehelp with preparations by taking care to harmonize food.
Ensures to deliver clean plates and free of grease stains, etc.
Avise the server when the plate is ready to be served to the client in the dining room.
Clean and keep refrigerators and shelves in order. the freshness of the products, if not throw in the trash the expired products.
Helps the realization of the activities of the cooks helpers at the request of the deputy chief or the first cook.
Can carry out any related task requested by his superior.ensures delivery of clean plates free of grease stains, etc.Avents the server when the plate is ready to be served to the customer in the dining room.
Requires the plates to the server ensuring that the food is at the temperature Desired (hot or cold).
Houses and keeps refrigerators and shelves in order in his work area.
Ensures the freshness of products when preparing food, otherwise disposes of expired products.
Assistance in carrying out the activities of the cook’s assistants at the request of the deputy chef or the first cook.
May carry out any related duties requested by his superior

Requested skills

  • Person holding basic cooking training is required.
  • Nobody with a good command of the French language spoken.
  • Person who has the sense of hygiene and cleanliness.
  • Nobody who knows and respects the rules of hygiene and healthiness in cooking.
  • Nobody with the ability to withstand the pressure on plate delivery times.
  • Person who demonstrates skill and ability to handle kitchen tools.
  • Nobody with imagination and creativity in the decoration of plates.
  • Availability of day, evening, weekend and holidays.
  • Person who can be functional after 2 weeks of training.

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