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Tips for Dressing Up for a Job Interview

Dressing Up for a Job Interview

Nowadays, hunting for a job has been a tough ground as ever as many people have probably applied for the same job you are applying to. You may be thinking that it’s not directly connected, but in order for you to increase your chances of getting your dream job, you have to take a deep thought about what you’re going to wear custom t shirts on the date of your interview.

The safest option you could opt to when going out on a business interview is to wear something that looks professional. You may also wear custom T-Shirts as long as it would not look out of place. If you totally have no idea what to wear on this very important day, then check the following out and see what would fit your style.

Clothes for Men


When you are out for a job interview, remember not to wear jeans. For pants, you should choose to go with trousers, corduroy pants, dress pants, or khakis. You should also remember that your pants must be long enough to reach the top of your shoes.

Avoid using pants with bright colours such as yellow, purple, or red. White and camouflage are also not allowed as they’re considered less formal. Stick to neutral colours like black, brown, khaki, dark green, dark blue, or grey.

Blazer, Sweater Vest, Sweater or Suit Coat

Whether you are wearing custom t-shirts or v-neck shirts, it would definitely look good together with a blazer or a suit coat. If you decided to wear a sweater vest, you can pair it up with a collared shirt. Remember to dress smartly in order to leave an impression on the interviewer.

Shirt and Tie

Nothing’s wrong if you decide to pair a dark-coloured tie together with a dark-coloured shirt. However, you will be up for a whole new level if you start considering colourful ties to your wardrobe. Not only will it add colour to your wardrobe, but it will also break you apart from any other applicants wearing the same dark-coloured tie and shirt.

Belt and Shoes

For shoes, go for black, grey, or brown. Also, the colour of your shoes should match the colour of your belt.

Clothes for Women


When it comes to a job interview, you shouldn’t wear something revealing or else you would fail to bring out a completely professional aura. Choose a more conservative style or cut instead.

Blouses, turtlenecks, sweaters, cotton shirts, vests, plaid shirts, or even sleeveless shirts would work as long as they’re paired with a work jacket. Tucking in or not all depends on the shirt you use. If you want to look formal, use a collared shirt. If your shirt has an unusual pattern, it would be okay as long as it’s not overly out of place.

Pants or Skirts

Just like men, jeans are totally unacceptable when it comes to a job interview. You could go with khaki, linen pants, corduroy pants, or even dress pants. Remember to stick to neutral colours. For skirts, make sure that the hem reaches below your knees.

Black or grey skirts will give a formal vibe. If you decided to wear a dress, make sure that it isn’t low cut or had high slits. Also, sundresses are a definite no-no as well as a tight-fitting dress or skirt.


When it comes to footwear, choose something that’s comfortable to walk with. You can try using leather shoes, high heels, or flat trouser shoes as long as they won’t show your toes. Never try to wear sandals, flip flops, or sneakers during an interview.


When it comes to accessories, you should opt to wear less. If you have piercings, just leave them in your house for a day. It would be better if you could go with only a wristwatch and a single pair of earrings so that you will not look out-of-place.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, whatever a person is wearing says a lot about their personality. That’s one important reason why choosing what to wear for a job interview is as important as preparing your resume and other important documents.

After all, what you wear on the very first day you step into a company sometimes leave an impression that will definitely increase your chances of getting your desired job.

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